wmJupiter windowmaker applet Version 1.2


Click on the image to download it! Then unpack it with "tar xvfz wmjupiter-[version].tar.gz".

Freeware, PD, no warranty, coded by Thomas Kuiper

Please mail me if you got questions or ideas for this program.

It shows you the actual distance of Jupiter in astronomical units (AE)
and when the red spot crosses (which is a weather feature on jupiter).
The four Gallileo Moons are displayed too but only when they are near the
planet (Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Calisto).

The applet space is too small to display all moons at the same time but
a future version might be able to zoom in/out.

Type "make" to build it and then ./wmJupiter "spot lat", e.g. 80
The position of the red spot changes on the surface so you need
to change that value within few months or so. The current position
can be found on the internet. It was 80 deg. as of 11th Jan 2002.

Version History:
16 Jan 2001: Version 1.2
- fixed some drawing of the moons
15 Jan 2001: Version 1.1
- displaying of the moons (with labels) when close to the planet
11 Jan 2001: Version 1.0
- following the red spot, displaying of jupiters distance