wmSolar windowmaker applet


Click on the image to download it! Then unpack it with "tar xvfz wmsolar-[version].tar.gz".

Freeware, PD, no warranty, by Thomas Kuiper

Please mail me if you got questions or ideas for this program.

It shows you the solar system viewed from top (90 heliocentric).

The objects have the following colors:

Sun: yellow, Mercury: green, Venus: white, Earth: cyan, Mars: red
Jupiter: gray, Saturn: green, Uranus: pink, Neptune: cyan. Pluto
is not included since he's way "of course".

Usage: A left click on the window changes the view between inner and outter
planets. A left click on the date increases the day/month/year. A right
click on the date does the opposite. Click the right mouse button on the
solar system to reset the date to the current date (which is in Universal Time).

Type "make" to build it and then ./wmSolar to run it.

wmSolar uses a bit modified AstroOps by Mark Huss which is based on
Bill Gray's open-source code at projectpluto.com.